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  The Dong-A Ilbo will set up a Management Committee and a Secretariat for the planning and running of the Competition. The Competition Jury will be organized by the Management Committee, consisting of musicians of prominent standing from Korea and abroad.  

  The Competition is open to violinists of any nationality born on or after March 15, 1987 and on or before March 14, 2001.  

  Application forms must be completed and submitted online via The application deadline is
December 15, 2017(not postmarked). This deadline cannot be extended under any circumstances. Applications sent by
fax or by e-mail will not be accepted.

• Please note that all documents must be typed or printed in English or Korean.

Application to the Competition must include the following documents and materials:
A. All applications must be made using the form available on the Seoul International Music Competition ( No other method of submission will be accepted.
B. A photocopy of the applicant’s passport.
C. A high resolution photograph (at least 1MB) of the applicant, suitable for publicity purposes.
D. A high-quality DVD(video) on which the applicant is performing all of the following in this order:

N. Paganini Any one Caprice of the 24 Caprices for solo violin, Op.1
J. S. Bach One short movement of any of the Solo Sonatas or Partitas.
L. v. Beethoven One movement of the following violin-piano sonatas:
Sonata No. 2 in A major, Op. 12
Sonata No. 3 in E-flat major, Op. 12
Sonata No. 4 in A minor, Op. 23
Sonata No. 6 in A major, Op. 30
Sonata No. 8 in G major, Op. 30
F. Kreisler Any one original composition

  The works performed on the preselection video may be included in the programme for the other rounds of
the competition.

Instructions for submitting DVD
All works must be recorded in NTSC format(720 x 480) with no audio or visual editing.
Each required piece should be on a single track and the order and length must be included.
The camera angle must remain unchanged and the applicant’s face and hands have to be clearly visible.
The applicant’s name should not be indicated in any manner on the DVD.
The recording must mention the place and date of recording of each piece, which must have been produced
after May 17, 2017.
E. Copies of international and national competition awards.

No late application will be considered for processing.
No documents will be returned.
No other materials(newspaper reviews, etc.) will be accepted.
All correspondence from the Secretariat will be conducted through mail or e-mail.
     Please ensure that your address and e-mail address on the application are correct.

The Secretariat of Seoul International Music Competition
3Fl., The Dong-A Ilbo Bldg.
29, Chungjeongno, Seodaemun-gu
Seoul 03737, South Korea

• Tel 82-2-361-1415
Fax 82-2-2020-1639
• E-mail

All applicants who have been selected to participate in the First Round of the Competition must submit a non-refundable entry fee of
US $200 by January 12, 2018. Bank transfer fee should be paid by the applicant in addition to the amount of US $200. The payment must
be made by bank transfer to the following account:
• Bank Kookmin Bank
• Branch
Dong-A Media Branch (1, Cheonggyecheon-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul 03187, South Korea)
• Account Number
• Account Holder
The Dong-A Ilbo
• Swift Code
The arrival of the entry fee will be considered as a formal agreement between the applicant and the Dong-A Ilbo on his/her
participation in the competition under the rules and conditions of the Seoul International Music Competition.
Travel expenses are sole responsibility of the competitors. However, non-Korean competitors who do not reside in
Korea will be provided with financial aid towards their international airfare: US $400 will be given to those coming
from Asia, and US $800 for those coming from continents other than Asia. Taxes will be deducted from the aid
according to Korean tax laws. The applicable tax rate is about 22%.

Non-Korean competitors who are not residents in Korea will also be provided with room and board at designated
lodgings from March 11, 2018 until the dates indicated below:

• First Round competitors until the morning after the First Round
• Second Round competitors until the morning after the Second Round
• Semifinalists until the morning after the Semifinal Round
• Finalists until the morning after the Final Round

All competitors are required to arrive in Seoul by March 12, 2018 to register with the Secretariat and to draw lots to
decide the order of performance at the competition.

Non-Korean competitors who are not residents in Korea will be provided with practice facilities, free of charge, for two hours every day from two days before the First Round until the conclusion of the competition. Non-Korean competitors who are not residents in Korea and do not bring their own pianist will also be provided with an official accompanist by the secretariat of the competition and will have the opportunity to rehearse with the assigned accompanist within the hours specified for practice above in the following manner:

• One session (30 minutes) before the First Round
• One session (1 hour) before the Second Round
• Two sessions (1 hour each) before the Semifinal Round

Each finalist will have two rehearsals with the orchestra before the Final Round.

The order of appearance will be determined by a random drawing on March 12, 2018. On the day of performance, each competitor must be present at the Secretariat office located in the concert hall by the specified time. Those who are unable to perform when called upon to do so may be disqualified. However, if any competitor should be late for his/her performance due to unavoidable circumstances, the Jury may allow the competitor to perform at a different time, depending on how the competition is progressing.  

  The competitors will be contracted exclusively to the Seoul International Music Competition while they are in Korea. All
contacts with the media must be made through and with the approval of the Secretariat. The competitors will be required to
be available for any media-related arrangements made by the Competition.

The Secretariat reserves the exclusive rights, without additional fees payable to the competitors and their accompanists, to:
1. Record audio or video materials and broadcast all the rounds of the Competition including the rehearsals, Opening
Ceremony, and Ceremony of Awards by any televised or radio broadcast means, including the Internet, cable
networks, terrestrial or other broadcasting, live or pre-recorded, in Korea or abroad.
2. Record, reproduce and arrange for the reproduction of performances in the competition on CD, SACD, sound track,
audio cassette, video cassette, video disc or CD-ROM/CDI, DVD, minidisk, or any other existing or future medium.
3. Arrange agreements with other parties for the Competition materials mentioned above.
The Preliminary Jury will select contestants to be invited to subsequent rounds of the competition.
All applicants will be notified of acceptance or rejection by December 15, 2017.

  The competition will consist of four rounds.  
1) A point system will be used by the Jury for adjudication. Each juror will judge and mark the performances of all competitors, but abstain from judging/marking performances of the competitors who were his/her own students for more than three months in the previous two years.
2) The decisions of the Jury are final and are not subject to appeal.
3) Competitors may not exchange opinions with any member of the Jury at any time during the competition on subjects that may influence the judging. There are no exceptions to this rule and any competitor who fails to comply will be disqualified, and additionally, any judge who fails to comply with the rule will jeopardize his/her own status in the competition.
  There will be cash awards totaling US $122,000.  
• First Prize
• Second Prize
• Third Prize
• Fourth Prize
• Fifth Prize
• Sixth Prize

US $50,000
US $30,000
US $20,000
US $10,000
US $  7,000
US $  5,000
1) The Jury reserves the right to withhold an award(s).
2) In case of a tie, the prize money of the prize won and that of the next prize in the ranking will be added up
     and distributed equally.
3) Taxes will be deducted from the prize money according to Korean tax laws.
Professional engagements will be arranged for the prize winners. These may include concerts, recitals and recordings for CDs or DVDs. The First Prize winner and other selected prize winners will be required to be available to perform for these engagements. For such engagements, round-trip airfare as well as room and board for a maximum of 7 days will be provided by the Secretariat. No performance-related fees shall be paid to the performer.  

Should any dispute arise regarding the interpretation of any part of the regulations and conditions of the Seoul International Music Competition 2018, the regulations and conditions written in Korean and the related laws and codes of the Republic of Korea will form the only legal basis on which to resolve the matter. All decisions made by the Secretariat, the Management Committee, and the Jury will be final and not subject to appeal.